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Gettin By (Comedy Television Series)

Ezra Stone and his struggling buddies live in a rent controlled apartment owned by Russian gangsters who want them out. 

His wacky parents, the former lease holders, fail as grass fed beef farmers upstate and are forced to move back in with Ezra and his friends.

A produced pilot episode, script of 2nd episode and season bible available.

Series Created by Dan Simon & Patrick Davin

© 2012 Dan Simon & Patrick Davin

Film Festival (Feature Comedy)

John Coogan (Michael Halliday), is a “reformed” Ponzi schemer who creates a film festival financed entirely on 

credit cards. When his check to secure Tribeca Cinemas for opening night bounces, Coogan moves the festival to 

his McMansion party house in New Jersey. With his dream crumbling before his eyes, and filmmakers acting outrageously, 

Coogan sees disaster looming. He hatches a plan to escape with the $100,000 cash prize. 

The film festival participants all believe they are the next Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino or Wes Anderson etc, 

and as they screen their efforts we see these wanna-be's short films as comic parodies of the great film masters. 

© 2012 Film Festival Productions LLC

Reality (Comedy TV Series)

A comedy series about two struggling filmmakers, Max and Kevin, who are hired to make a Reality TV demo for the wealthy 

and dysfunctional Rodner family. The Rodner's compete with all their rich friends and enemies to be the next stars of the hit TV


Script of 1st and 2nd episodes, and season bible available.

© 2011 Dan Simon & Patrick Davin